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The emperor new clothes​​

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Kirkus review of my book
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Advanced Communicator Bronze
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Beauty of Science will save the World

I delivered this speech to the Area 54/83 Toastmasters International Speech & Evaluation contests​ on March 30, 2015 at Anchor Toastmaster club in Vancouver (Trout Lake Community Centre, ​3360 Victoria Dr Vancouver, BC V5N 4M4​)​



Feb 07
The Smart Phone Evolution

Enhancing Technical Talk with the internet.pdf

The attached pdf file provides the speech purpose from the "Technical Presentation" manual of the Toastmasters Advanced Communication series.  This speech is planned for 12 Feb 2015 at the PMI Vancouver Toastmasters Club​.

This blog entry is to serve as a pre-meeting online presence to support the email communication.

The project calls for preparing a pre-talk material that the audience can learn from prior to the presentation.  Therefore I encourage the audience to watch the video linked to the following hyperlink.

This blog will also serve as a post-meeting website for further dissemination of information supporting or enhancing the verbal presentation.  You are welcome to participate on this blog with any ideas that relate to the topic of this speech.

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Training, Certification and useful links
May 18
Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: Application to Leadership